As legendary fashion designer Maud Frizon’s daughter, I was raised in a world of beauty, elegance, and luxury. My upbringing in Paris, along side some of the most celebrated names in fashion, helped me cultivate a unique eye for design. My background was always imbued with various colors, textures, and materials. Through my work with Maud Frizon and Miss Maud I learned about the true value of craftsmanship and luxury. Working with shoes in particular gave me a special understanding of volumes, and this has served me well in design along the years. Although I was all set for a long career in the fashion industry after graduating NYU’s Stern School of Business, I honestly always had a passion for interior design. Whether my high school dorm or my first apartment, I found joy decorating my space and watch people gravitate to my style.

After taking time off to have children, I finally decided to leave the fashion industry aside and focus on interior design. My first formal trip in the world of interior design was when a good friend asked me to decorate her apartment. She had always marveled at my own apartment and was looking for some guidance. This project turned out immensely successful. Her friend saw the before and after of the project and decided to hire me to redo his own country house. From there, Amathea was born, and it spread like wildfire through the international New York scene.

For me I really believe in mixing, matching, and customizing what works together rather than simply repurposing formulated decor. I aim for eclecticism rather than uniformity. Throughout my career, I have encountered so many different aesthetics and ways of living. This experience has helped me cultivate the belief that there is no one style of decorating to love, I always think about the room first, it is important to me to pay hommage to the architecture and the light of the place. Elegant but with a slight edge, unexpected combination of luxurious materials and colors make my work feel original, sumptuous, and refreshing. Finally, I make sure that I interpret the client’s very personal world in a way that reflects the trust they have in me because in the end they are going to live in that space and not me.

Ultimately, whether I’m dealing with an elegant Upper East Side apartment or a luxurious Hamptons home, my Parisian fashion roots matched with my unique taste for eclecticism, and world travels are what makes my work, and Amathea, truly special.