SophieHarrison Amathea HomeStylist

Sophie delivers great added value to an existing environment with her choices, resources and savvy taste. She honed her talents working with her mother, Maud Frizon, developing the visual acuity she uses in her interior design business today.Years of contact and association with a number of the most celebrated names in the fashion industry have led to her distinct and refined sense of colors, patterns, and materials. Her decisions are transformative, turning an everyday space into something extraordinary.

Nancy Boas

Polo Ralph Lauren, Senior Design Interior

Sophie has a gift for reorganizing one’s possessions, then adding new ones, to create stylish and beautiful spaces. She is simply the best with colors and fabrics. Sophie can take the ordinary and make it quite special which has resulted in higher prices, both for my own properties and those of my clients.

Jeff Stockwell

SVP, Stribling & Associates

Creativity, hard work, diligence and a unique sense for colors were Sophie’s pledged attributes. While working together, we discovered and appreciated other unique gifts of hers. She had an intuitive sense, a quick appreciation of our objectives. Effortlessly, she elaborated upon our vision. With patience and artistic skills, she transformed our living space into something that was warmer and far more beautiful than anything we could have envisioned ourselves.Her readiness to make herself available at all times, her presence on site and her patience with our own process along with an ability to work around our tastes led to a very fulfilling relationship. Sophie’s reputation for having a unique eye for colors and textures was confirmed. She brightened and gave accents, space and substance to our apartment.

Terrence and Saskia Keeley

I wanted a cozy den but the trick was that Sophie had to work with a large custom made built-in cabinet and a Ligne Roset sofabed I already had, both of which I didn't want to give up. Her eye and wonderful sense of style took over and a plain cold room has been transformed into my beautiful nest.She’s tops when it comes to lighting, and spent a day "styling" my home, placing and displaying objects in ways that brought them back to life—another transformation. Sophie seeks the unique, but not the unaffordable. She stayed within budget, never went over except when I decided to. She found another decorator’s custom made rug for a quarter of its original price as its colors came out wrong for them but was perfect for me. Sophie is that rare combination in a creative person: talented AND fiscally responsible.

Janet Riccio

CEO, Omnigroup